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We ran our second TECH | The New Era livestream broadcast on March 4. All the video sequences are available on our YouTube channel now.
The Chancellor’s statement included lots of grandiose pronouncements about recovery — but the big measure was an increase in business tax.
Our second TECH | The New Era event will be live-streamed on March 4, 2021 at 12:30 UK time. The programme is free to view and you can…
I’m done with lockdowns. They kill innovation, enterprise, the passion to do business. So our lunch-time chat (that we’ll livestream on…
We kicked-off TECH | The New Era back in September 2020 — coinciding with London Tech Week (LTW). But London Tech Week was supposed to…
We asked Neha Misra of the Fin Lit Project to write an article for TECH | The New Era providing her top 10 tips for startup entrepreneurs.
When crypto currencies hit the digital streets, roughly coinciding with the great crash of 2008, they were seen by many as a manifestation…
It’s well known that many engineers typically don’t really grasp finance.