About me

I have over 35 years experience in business, writing and content development. I help companies to build brand presence through researched editorial content and opinion pieces - on all media (social, TV, and the written word). My company is called Quadriga Consulting Ltd - and I’ve been trading for over 20 years.

Here’s a summary:

  • Independent Consultant and Interim Director for over 20 years - focusing on thought leadership, OpEds, marketing communications, digital marketing and strategic marketing.

  • Highly developed ‘news gathering’ experience with turnkey shoot, edit and socialise expertise. Can work stand-alone for budget limited projects or with a full, multi-camera crew for conferences and events.

  • Former CEO of a NASDAQ listed investment vehicle ($100m IPO) focused on fintech.

  • Founder (or key mover/shaker) in several tech start-ups (and exits).

  • Deep subject matter understanding across enterprise tech, international business, geopolitics, investment/finance and fintech - allowing unique peer-to-peer gravitas for CEO interviews and panel moderation.

  • Author of a book on Customer Relationship Management.

  • Ex-Director of a two major global market research firms (one in London and one in Princeton, New Jersey) - specialising in technology and financial services markets.

  • Well known spokesperson on technology, fintech, finance and economics.

  • Clients have included Millennium Global, Oxford Economics, PwC, Department for International Trade, Forbes, and too many others to mention.

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Jeffrey Peel
Jeffrey Peel is a businessman, writer, and political commentator. He started The New Era as a libertarian response to restrictions introduced by the government in March 2020. He has written widely for other publications like Spiked and TCW.