Rick Rowan of Nurokor

Bioelectronics for better healthcare outcomes

Nurokor has been a trailblazer in the development of bioelectronic solutions to improve patient outcomes - in a variety of clinical and therapeutic settings.

The company has created new products and procedures to help with chronic pain management, period pain and diabetes-related conditions. It has also expanded into the veterinary space with new non-invasive pain and lameness solutions in equine health.

The company’s funding to date - and revenue - has helped it forge relationships with partners, clinicians, and go-to-market resellers. However, in order to build on the success of the company’s MVP it is seeking additional investment outside its angel network of investors-to-date.

In this short interview I ask Rick Rowan, CEO of Nurokor, about the company’s successes to date and its ambitions for the future. Rick talks about the various market opportunities for the product suite and solutions. He also talks about the merits of non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical solutions - designed to allow the body to heal itself.

We can, of course, arrange for potential investors to meet with Rick and other team members - and to see the full investor deck. In the first instance please email me and I’ll set the wheels in motion - jeff@quadco.co.uk. Or complete this form

Jeffrey Peel's Diary
Jeffrey Peel's Diary
Jeffrey Peel