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Pre-Beta Investment: Soundbox Plays

London based Rights Management and Web 3.0 Platform for Recording Artists

I’m working with the team at Soundbox Plays on a modest pre-launch funding round. Much of Soundbox’s development has been undertaken. The product needs UX finessing before launch - planned for this Summer. The company will be revenue generating later this year.

I recorded this short interview with Matt Cooling, CEO, to get an overview of the market opportunity for the platform. Matt has substantial music industry experience as a producer, writer, and artist manager. The idea for Soundbox emerged from his experience working with artists, managing rights - and engaging with agencies.

In the short interview I ask about the challenge of managing rights and royalties across multiple avenues: recordings, broadcasting, live-streaming and social media (and even the metaverse).

We’ve also included an animation explaining the Soundbox Plays SaaS platform.

Matt articulates the opportunity with artists that we describe as the Soundcloud Generation - many at the earliest stages of their professional music careers, seeking to monetise their talent without paying huge fees to middlemen. That’s the key Soundbox Plays advantage: a mere 1% royalty share. But Matt’s relationships also extend to music stars based in London and LA.

To request the investment pitch deck please contact me on

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Jeffrey Peel's Diary
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